Not sure where I'm going wrong

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  • posted by Ladybird127

    I am a veggie and diabetic. Decided that this was the right path for me to take! Hmm!
    About 4 weeks ago, I stopped eating white carbs, which I’m very happy about and don’t miss them now. In fact, I dont know that I could face them now. When I look back, some of my meals where very carb heavy!
    I have tried so hard for 4 weeks, and have tried to stick to 800 cals, although may have gone slightly over on some days. I use Nutracheck website to check cals and carbs etc. I try to ensure everything is recorded.
    I fast for 14 + hours most days, finish eating at about 8pm and have lunch at 12 noon.
    Frustratingly my weight is staying the same, and nothing has changed! It could be worse, I could have put on. The bonus is my glucose levels seem to remain relatively low, but I need to shift the weight!!
    Can anyone help please?

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Ladybird127, I am not veggie so not sure what you will have been eating but I have seen veggie friends who live on chips and cheese – sort of but exaggerating. What you eat can be as important as how many calories so maybe you should tell us your diet meals so someone can steer you in the right direction. I cant help but someone answering often leads to others jumping in with some good advice. Just first of all let us see your regular meal plan.

  • posted by arcticfox

    Ladybird127, have you had your serum ferritin (iron) checked recently? As veggies we can be low in iron, and if that is the case then our metabolism slows and our bodies want to hang onto fat instead of burning it. Mine were low last year and when I started supplementing, I lost 6kg without changing anything else. So worth a check if you haven’t done so. Also, the reference range is huge, so even if you are ‘low normal’ you can still be too low for you.

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