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  • posted by SOWERS50

    Hi Everyone, first time on here

    did the BSD for 12 weeks and it was the best i had ever felt and looked in my adult life,

    i came off (not intentionally) after 12 weeks as had an incentive when following it as it was my 50th birthday in October,

    however am finding it hard to now get back on but have bought myself a bike, and will be using it to go to work and am getting back on it from Monday

    any motivational tips and advice would be appreciated,

  • posted by Esnecca

    Hi SOWERS50 and welcome to the forum!

    My advice would be to get your food scale out, put it on your counter and leave it there. When I had to get back on the Fast800 to shed some pounds, the scale was my lodestar. No food was made or consumed without passing over the scale first. The structure of weighing and counting calories and carbs was necessary for me to have a precise understanding of what I was eating and to make my goals concrete. Guesswork is no help at all. It just keeps you aimless and unmotivated.

    I would also focus on creating a workable intermittent fasting schedule. The classic 16:8 (8 hour eating window) is very handy when you only have 800 calories a day to play with because you can split them into two bigger meals instead of three more meager ones.

    Good luck!

  • posted by SunnyB

    Essie made an excellent suggestion, re: the kitchen scales. It’s a good habit to get into on the 800, so that you have a real picture of what you are consuming.
    My suggestion for motivation, is to set mini-goals, so that the end goal doesn’t feel so daunting. They don’t even need to be directly weight related and could be as simple as feeling more comfortable in a garment that is currently too snug. Achieving the smaller goals, gives a sense of success and helps to keep you focused.
    And of course good hydration is essential.
    Hope to see you on other forum threads, where you will find lots of good advice and support.

  • posted by Wolfgirl

    Hi Sower50,
    I am coming back as well. I did the 8 week BSD Sept-Oct last year and had a fantastic result. Then I managed to maintain it for quite a while. Sadly, my sister became very ill and passed away in the new year which completely derailed me…
    I have always been a fairly careful and mainly healthy eater. But I’m now in my 50s and my body has changed so much due to bouts of ill health and other challenges. The difficult times in life used to make me lose weight. Now they have the opposite effect. I am now noticing the horrible feeling of heaviness and lack of energy that caused me to do this in the first place.

    So I’m joining you in starting again. I’m going to do the shopping this afternoon- this is one of the key things for me; having everything I need at my fingertips to make the healthy meals. The BSL diet recipe book is also fabulous.

    Let’s do this.


  • posted by gigi_P


    I would appreciate some advice from the hive.

    I am a slowly recovering fat guy. I started from 307 five-ish years ago. I am down to 230 now. My progress was slowed for the last 3 years due to adopting a newborn that hates everything about sleep. Fitting in running a business,a wife and a super awesome sleep depriving little girl plus a regular workout has been all but impossible up until now. I have just done the best I could with diet and exercise during this time.

    Now for my question. My next goal is to get my weight down to 200. Would it make sense to stay on the bike (SS base currently) and slowly keep shedding the lbs like I have been?

    Or would it makes sense to put the bike aside (not completely) and get serious about dieting only and cut the weight faster and then start up a base plan mid/ late winter? I am currently a very sugar dependent rider from years of poor diet and I would like to give a keto diet a try to help my body ween off of the sugar. If I did this it would kill my energy on the bike in the short term.

    My only long term cycling plan is to just get faster so I can make a better showing on group rides and ride a century or two next spring. I am not time crunched and there is no racing season or particular event I am prepping for next year.

    Thoughts? I’ve checked this website for some guide lines

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi gigi, I am not sure your post is appropriate. If you are trying to sell something then we are not interested. This is not a keto diet although there are some similarities, I think we are quite happy with what we are already doing without looking at your keto site.

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