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  • posted by SRW1984

    Good Morning everybody, I am new to the site (registered today) so please bear with me.

    I started the Fast800 last week after Xmas I hit the 20 stone mark and knew something had to be done. I am 6ft and obviously weigh far too much.

    I have tried diets in the past and the 5:2 helped me to lose two stone in 2016 but I didnt keep it up and piled all the weight back on.

    2019 marks a new beginning for me. I am more determined than ever. I have cleared out the cupboards and on the 7th January started the Fast800. I have also started couch to 5k and did my fourth run on this last night.

    In the first week I lost 10Ibs. Since Monday I have lost a further 1.5Ibs but it has slowed down dramatically.

    I am sticking to the plan 100% and have kicked everything advised (except one sweetener in my morning black coffee and sugar free cordial).

    Did anybody else’s weight loss slow down dramatically in the second week? I have been weighing myself every morning which I know is not advised but when I see the weight going down it motivates me for the day ahead.

    My body has gone into Ketosis as I have tested for this and I am doing TRE for a minimum of 12 hours. I just cannot work out why I have slowed down so much this week? Any ideas? It couldnt be the sweetener and sugar free cordial could it?


  • posted by alliecat

    Welcome, SRW! Happy to see you! I began this way of life where you are, 20stone…10 months later the scales
    read 10stone. I’ve been maintaining the loss for 21 months now. Since I am on the other side of things, I’d like
    to suggest that perhaps I have a different perspective….The first week’s losses are mostly fluids, and not much
    fat loss. It is in week 2 that the real work begins! Losing .5lb. a day is very respectable 🙂 My rate of loss was
    identical to what you’ve seen thus far, and will leave you with a stone off per month. I think you must be doing
    everything right to be where you are at present. Everyone’s rate of loss is different, and falling into the trap of
    comparing yourself to others who have lost a great deal very fast won’t benefit you. This is a marathon and not
    a sprint, and we each have our own road to travel. I think you’ve done very well indeed, so believe that you
    aren’t doing anything “wrong”. Continued success in burning down those scales 🙂


  • posted by SRW1984

    Good Afternoon Allie,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Its great to hear from somebody who started in the same place as me. Well done to lose 10 stone in 10 months thats simply incredible.

    I am positive I can maintain the diet as its all the foods that I love. I am not missing carbs in any form at the moment.

    The only thing I can see further down the line is that I did used to love a slice of bread, I understand that cannot really happen anymore. Do you have any tips on bread replacements, I am not so keen on rye so would rather eat nothing than that!

    Also did you remain on the Fast800 for the whole first ten months or did you start with the fast track then move on to the 5:2 maintaining a healthy mediterranean diet?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • posted by alliecat

    Very happy to help, Steve! I’ve never switched over to the 5:2. I’m a creature of habit, so I just concentrated on 800cal.
    and 20g of carbs each day until I got to where I wanted to go. I never took breaks or went off plan..too afraid that I
    might “lose the plot” 🙂 I’m rather fond of white wine, but I had to give that up for the duration, also. For me, it’s
    a serious impediment to weight loss.

    Re “substitutions” for carb loaded items…I know there are reduced carb breads out there, but I never tried any of
    them. I think I wanted to break the bread “habit” altogether. What happens over time is that tastes change, and
    carby food loses its appeal. Many of us find that cauliflower rice is a godsend, as a replacement for rice. You
    can find bags of it for sale, already riced, and then it’s simply a matter of seasoning it and roasting it at relatively
    high temp. in the oven. Voila! I’m often asked here if I used the recipe books that Claire Bailey has written. I didn’t
    do that either, but kept my dinners rather simple…A portion of organic chicken breast or wild fish, and 1 1/2 c.
    of assorted vegetables. (not the ones that grow below ground, however!) Once a month or so I will buy a piece
    of grassfed steak, but that is really more to please my husband, who has adapted to this way of life (WOL), too.
    In maintenance, I’ve increased calories, but basically eat the same way. The prospect of now eating 1/2 a
    jacketed potato makes me cringe. I used to love them! It’s an adventure, Steve, so enjoy the trip! You will
    amaze yourself 🙂


  • posted by SRW1984

    Hi Allie. Brilliant thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. I have so far found unsalted brazil/cashew nuts my go to if I want a very small snack. I am not craving carbs at all so far so I am hoping that lasts.

    Sorry for all the questions; just one last thing in your opinion when did your tastes change for good and you forgot the sweet and carby stuff?

  • posted by alliecat

    That’s a harder one to pin down, Steve…You will read many testimonials that will reinforce this phenomenon, and
    I think there are probably as many answers as there are posters here. I know that I turned my nose up at sugar,
    first. The best estimate is 4 months. The white carbs probably took 5 months? My nemesis has always been
    crusty bread, cheese, and wine, not the sweet stuff. I’ve had our groceries delivered since June of 2016, and
    that was a great way to avoid temptation..If it isn’t in the house, we can’t eat it! Even today, I don’t know if I
    could be trusted, so I don’t do the experiment to find out. I think we all have certain trigger foods that will always
    have an appeal, so they are banned from the premises. Harder to accomplish if you are living with others who
    aren’t taking the journey with you, of course! Are you single?

  • posted by SRW1984

    Yes to be honest as mentioned earlier bread was my nemesis. I also have always had a beer at the weekend but have cut that out completely and dont appear to be missing it at present, I am sure there are harder times ahead!

    I am married with a 10 year old son so I have to rely on willpower, there are always sweets, chocolates and lots of goodies in our house which wouldnt be there in an ideal world.

    My wife has a very healthy diet anyway so there is no issue there although we normally eat different meals in the evenings as she is vegetarian so there wont be nay problems on that front.

    Thanks for all the help. Another 1Ib lighter this morning so thats 12.5Ib since last Monday. Got another jog to look forward to tonight aswell.

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