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  • posted by Fiona@6

    Hi folks I am going to start the BSD and try to reverse my diabetes type2 since 2012. Looking for tips and inspiration from the people who are doing it right now 👍😉. Best place for recipes.? What not to do etc Help!,

  • posted by florob85

    Hi Fiona,

    Why don’t you join us on the One week at a time thread – this weeks has 20th April in the title – just pop in and say hi, we have newcomers, some long timers and some middley people like me and it’s very friendly and welcoming, ask as many questions as you like!

    Lauren x

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Fiona, how to do this diet is such a big question and you will keep finding things you want to ask, so join the weekly thread as lauren suggests so you can keep in touch with everyone. First of all have you got the BSD book by Dr Mosley. As you are T2 I would suggest this rather than his other like the Fast 800. It will give you more diabetes info and support. The main thing for T2 is getting rid of the white starchy carbs that really do the tick. For recipes I go to my BSD recipe book and the Fast 800 books specially written to go with the diets but in the first instance use the recipes in the back of the BSD general book. But see note below re calories.

    Here is a snippet from a post I made to someone else (save me typing some of it again) but I am sure it will only touch the sides. Here goes.

    Try not to have anything in the house that you shouldnt have or would be particularly tempting to you. If you have family that might be difficult but keep things out of sight if you have to have them in for others.
    Plan everything – write a weekly (or couple of days) menu and check the cals and carbs before you shop/cook/eat it.
    You already know to drink lots of water to replace the fluid that leaves the body to flush out the fat and also which will be released by the lack of carbs.
    Have a pinch of salt every couple of days, just a dip of the finger or a bit on an egg or whatever.
    Make sure you have some fat in your diet, it makes you feel fuller – olive oil, rapeseed oil for cooking, foods containing good fats/oils, like avocado, a few nuts, oily fish (yuk not for me).
    Try to make your meals interesting and exciting – use the cook books with care as the cals etc can be way out. Check yourself putting the ingredients into an app, or type each item into google and, as I do, use a pen and paper, just add them up.
    There is so much more I could say but take it one stage at a time.
    What to eat when you are hangry. Have something satisfying like an egg, a square of cheese, a few slices of ham or chicken. I wouldnt thank you for some spinach leaves as a snack but a boiled egg wrapped in a lettuce leaf with a small amount of mayo would be very nice, thank you…
    How many carbs are okay, I personally find it difficult to go lower than 50g though some people do. Just read on the Dr Becky site that under 100g is considered low carb. Dont forget it is what those carbs are – never white starchy carbs, there are carbs in almost everything else we eat except meat (I think), even an apple is 20g.

    Keep asking questions and keep going. I am sure others with have lots of advice for you. Hope this helps for starters.

  • posted by scotsgirl57

    thanks everyone for the good advice will check out all the info and look forward to getting to know you all

  • posted by Britta

    Hi Fiona
    Well done for joining! I’m not diabetic, but have two pieces of advice on following the diet:
    1: spend a bit of time reading through the threads on the forum. It’s a great read, full of advise and experiences and it will save you reinventing the wheel.
    2: The biggest hurdle/ holy grail is getting to the stage where you have cut out carbs for long enough so that the carb cravings subside. After that it gets easier.
    Other than that I echo what the others have said – and good luck!

  • posted by Annamarieboo

    I just started too! 20 April was day one for me and I’m already seeing the weight come off. I think weight loss is one of the most motivating things, isn’t it? Right now I feel like nothing can stop me. Hopefully I can keep this feeling right up to week eight and beyond!

  • posted by Penny H

    I have just started this week and losing weight already. The Fast800 Recipe Book is really helpful (other than the dishes designed for 2/4 etc – as I realise I am only SOME of it! Lol. Are there any other vegetarians on here? It’s suggested we can go to 900 if needed and I was curious about others experience here.

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