Low carb more calories?

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  • posted by peachcake4me


    I’ve been doing the bsd 800 calories a day for a year now but to shift the last stone I think I’m needing to have 40g of carbohydrates or under in order to shift the last stone otherwise I’m just maintaining my weight.

    My question is can I get away with adding say 100/200 calories a day if I keep the amount of carbs low as some of low carb food is higher in fat and calories or should I try and stick to 800 calories still?

  • posted by SunnyB

    Many find that as long as they keep the carbs under control, additional calories aren’t a problem.
    Personally, I find I have to control both cals and carbs to lose the pounds, but this is not the case for all, so I’d say give it a whirl and see what your body has to say about it.
    Best wishes for getting that last stone consigned to history ☺

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