Lonely road. Diagnosed May 5th

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  • posted by Cath68

    Hi all. Ive been reading all your advice and stories on here since may when i was diagnosed with Type 2. Its only thanks to the book and all of you that im writing this update today. My doctor told me to have healthy cereal at breakfast (all bran, cheerios whole wheet, shreddies) a salad lunch and small few potato with dinner. Reduce carbs mainly to brown/wholewheat and same with bread. Instead i bought the blood sugar diet book and some v low sugar meal replacement shakes (cant get the ones used in book in ireland) and proceeded to walk and use wii fit while replacing 2 meals per day with shakes and eating low carb dinner… Veg & protein.

    My fasting bloods last week tested by doctor show totally normal levels initially in high 8s and all liver tests are normal (had fatty liver i suspect) cholesterol was normal from high of over 8 and ive lost 4stone 9 lbs.

    The doctors advice was of little use, theres no referral to a nurse specialist or dietician and i had to push hard to get the last round of bloods done as 6month time frame was the suggested.

    To anyone out there in a similar boat… Just go for it. Do more exercise than you were… Its different for us all. Follow the shakes or recipes and weigh no more than once weekly (scales can take over your life) and find support. The people here are amazing!!! Doctors are not always right, dont always have the best advice… They are called General practitioners for a reason! The internet is full of great tips and advice and an equal amount of useless stuff…. Research!

    I got an offer of a trial freestyle libre device and am using it now. Would love to know how others find them. I am trying to educate myself on how different foods affect me. My birthday was yesterday and i had the first treat since may…. Some double cream and 6 strawberries…. Delicious!! Within 2 hours the device showed sugars under 6 (i think under 7.8 2 hours post meal is top figure).

    To each of you, thankyou for the support. Although this is my first post, youve all been my lifeboat these last lonely months


  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Cath68, so glad to hear another success story. Shame doctors dont know any better but also a shame they sometimes mock or disapprove of our way of life. Even though my doctor sees great results everytime I have tests (every 3 months here in France). My BG is always around 5.8 to 6, cholesterol 3.8 and triglycerides well below the normal level when they used to be sky high with fatty liver. He still thinks this is just a fad and I wont be able to continue. I am seeking him on Friday and will remind him I have been doing this for over 5 years so certainly sustainable.

    Keep up the good work and remember not to go back to old habit or you will end up with old results. Take care.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Excellent results Cathy, congratulations! It’s a shame you didn’t feel able to post before, but so pleased that the forum provided some virtual support nonetheless.
    SunshineGirl is right, this way of eating is definitely sustainable long term, but there is always the need to be vigilant to guard against backsliding and not allow the carbs to sneak back in, in any big way.

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