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  • posted by AlpineOak

    Hi all,
    I hope to be starting the BSD shortly, after I have spoken to the dietician at the Diabetes Research Unit at Southmead Hospital (who is very keen and currently running trials on the BSD).
    My question is, I am currently on 1000mg of Metformin twice daily and on 20mcg of Lixisenatide once a day, and no other diabetic medication. Does anyone have any experience of the diet whilst on these drugs. The Metformin is easily adjustable, but, the Lixisenatide is a fixed dose injection.

  • posted by Bill1954

    Hmmm I take metformin and Exanatide injections (marketed as Byetta) I dont know if it’s the same as yours, it’s supposed to slow down the rate at which food passes from the stomach to the intestine and also reduces your appetite, fixed dose 10mg twice a day.
    I’m losing weight and seeing a reduction in my blood sugar as well so, if the injection sounds similar to yours, I’d say go ahead.

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