Line drawn – Starting again

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  • posted by Pashasmum

    Hi everyone
    A few years ago I and my OH had great success in follow this woe. Starting again as weight piling back on during lockdown and Covid.

    I’m reading the books again and want to achieve optimal success. If you have any tips advice on meal plans or want to buddy up please let me know

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hi Pashasmum, welcome back …. have seen you’re already on the weekly thread, which is where most frequent posters gravitate and so is probably the best place to be for sharing advice and experience. Will look forward to reading of your progress there.

  • posted by MagicBean

    Hi pashasmum – like you I’ve decided to draw a line too and want to head in the right downwards direction. I too did well with 5:2 and low carbage. Lockdown and stressful family events mean I’m now a whole stone heavier than the last time I decided enough was enough.
    I’d love to buddy up and cheer one another on. Have just been looking at BMI charts and I’m a whisker away from being obese.
    I’ve a long way to go to get to top of healthy range 11 stone 2 ( I’m 5 foot 6) . Current weight is 82 kg or 13 stone and my first mini goal is to get below 80. Want to achieve this within next 3 weeks.
    Have decided on setting mini goals as thinking about the total amount is overwhelming and I don’t want to scuttle off towards something that won’t be helpful
    What are your first mini goals ?
    Good luck
    Magic Bean

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