Just starting, what to expect for my weight?

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  • posted by rhj2322

    Hi! I’ve just started the fast 800 and just wondering if I can have some advice…

    My start weight was 12stone 4lbs and I’m 5’5
    Sticking to 800 (ish) calories a day and walking at least an hour daily (always 10,000 plus steps) and swimming around 3 times a week.
    Is there anyone who started around a similar weight who could tell me how much you lost? Obviously it’s different for everyone but would just like an idea! I’m only planning on doing it for 4 weeks then going on 5:2 as I think 8 weeks will be too long and unsustainable, I decided that if at the end of the 4 weeks I haven’t lost as much as I wanted in that time (hoping to still lose while on 5:2 as will start going back to the gym then!) I will do a couple weeks on 5:2 then back to fast 800 for 2-4 weeks.

    Any tips? I found the first couple days really hard but have got used to it. Evenings are the worst time when I get sweet cravings but it’s gradually getting less and although I feel hungry a lot more than usual it’s not as bad as I expected and I’ve always had plenty of energy.

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