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  • posted by petiteketo

    Hi everyone,

    Started BSD on 10 August weighed after five days and has a loss of 3.3 lbs really motivated because before I tried to count calories and do resistance training I improved my strength but weight loss zero. Thought it might be due to being 60 female post menopausal
    and may be higher levels of cortisol due to caring for an autistic child schools closed less support etc etc. Experienced my first weekend without red wine!

    What motivated me to do this was on holiday really struggling to climb steps, my husband and daughter swiftly climb 200 steep steps and I was really struggling even more overweight people than me were over taking me! – discovered on of the reasons why my weight was only a couple of kilo’s below that when was at full term pregnancy – no longer I struggled but instead of my soon to be born child and fluid this extra weight is FAT!
    Need to work on exercise now.

  • posted by Squidge

    Hi petiteketo!
    Once you get used to this WOE (way of eating) you’ll probably find your energy levels increase – and of course exercise will help your fitness too.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hi petiteketo, sounds like you are already seeing the benefits of this way of eating. Like you, prior to trying this, I thought being over 60 and menopausal meant I couldn’t shift the weight, but decided to give it a try as it sounded logical and made sense to me. Pleased to say it paid off, got me to target weight and has made it possible for me to maintain for approaching 3years now too, which is the big plus point of course.

    The forum is a great resource and without it, I think I’d probably have given up at some point. There is a weekly thread, which is used by people at various stages of their BSD journey, so there is plenty of knowledge and experience to draw on there and we’re a very supportive non-judgemental band …. you’d be made very welcome if you’d like to join the thread. The new thread will have One Week At A Time 18th August in the title ….. hope we might see you there.

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