Is it normal to not feel hungry?

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  • posted by SallyM

    Hi, started this last Sunday with my hubby. He is type 2 diabetic and overweight and I’m overweight. Today I’ve not felt hungry at all and have eaten just because I felt I should. Should I do this or if I’m not hungry just don’t eat?
    Also I’ve noticed I am weeing all the time.
    Also finding it strange to buy full fat stuff e.g yoghurt after years of buying fat free or low fat.
    We are weighing together tomorrow. Hoping for good results as I know my belly has changed but looks worse at mo. My belly hung over 😝 but is now sticking out and look pregnant!

  • posted by orchid

    Hi SallyM, Welcome on board! Full fat food makes you fell a lot fuller – isn’t it lovely! Especially well done for starting it day one, many of us – myself included – took 2-3 weeks before we could touch full fat food because of the years of preconditioning that full-fat is bad for you. I would recommend keeping to around the 800cals as you need a balance of different nutrient and want to ensure you do keep full.
    Yes, at different times I (still) find myself weeing a lot. Some days it is ‘normal’ other days not.
    You may find different things change at different rates so having lots of baseline measurements really helps. I was losing weight, but not as much off of my waist as hips to begin with and had to readjust to full fat and 60g carbs per day. That got the weight off of my waistline moving. If you have the measurements, you can keep motivated when one thing changes when another has not. It also help work out where things may need tweaked.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  • posted by Steve and Ei

    (Steve – now ex? diabetic) I think the diet’s trick is getting you off the carb/blood glucose roller coaster. Then you don’t feel so hungry. I used to feel hungry all the time for years. Two hours after my, NHS recommended, porridge breakfast, or wholemeal bread lunch, I was hungry again. Only will power kept my weight down. Now my fasting BGs are in the “normal” 4s. All well worth it, and enjoyable too.
    Difficult to get let go of the low fat programming we’ve all been on – yes. But there is some lovely food out there. Spinach and cheese omelettes for breakfast. Fruit, and Greek yoghurt for puds.
    (Ei – 16 to 14 to 12ish) Yes, the weeing is normal. Probably fat cells deflating. The internal, unhealthy, fat seems to go first. Not quite so obvious, but measuring the waist shows it up. We found, in the early “8 week” days, that eating breakfast late, and then not needing lunch, and having a fairly early evening meal, worked for us to keep the calories down. A pile of “too big” clothes is the price, but some fun shopping. Tip- Try some supermarket clothes bargains while your weight is on the way down – you may not need them for long.

  • posted by Zedar

    Tell me about. I nearly threw a street party when I realised I could throw out the Flora and return to Kerrygold after thirty years. But I figured it wouldn’t be much of a party if I was restricted to carrot batons and broccoli florets. So I didn’t.

    To answer your question, I’ve no hunger pangs and I’m taking that as evidence that everything is as it should be. I believe the initial discomforts were mentioned in the literature along with an assurance it would all pass after the first few days.

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