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  • posted by Katy

    I was intending to do the Newcastle diet but the thought of all those shakes had me dithering then I saw Dr MMs book and thought no time like the present. So I started last Tuesday and I have lost 4lbs but even better BS is down from 11.7 on Tuesday to 8.7 this morning. 2 hours after dinner last night it was 7.2. After third day the hunger pangs abated and I feel fine – the occasional wistful thought of toast and peanut butter – but then I think about fitting into those jeans that have been unworn for the last 5 years and finally being able to get new glasses (I have an optician with a conscience she won’t give me new glasses till BS is settled) and I work through it. I know it will get harder but I think as long as I keep checking my BS that will motivate me to carry on.

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