I need advice as I'm not losing weight………..

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  • posted by Tallyhoo

    Last year I started with HbA1C of 97 in January which went down to 46 by August and I lost 2 1/2 stone – really happy! Walking and swimming and 800 calories a day no problem. Then I had a bad fall and broke my shoulder which meant I could not exercise for a long while and got fed up and started on my old eating habits – put on the weight and blood sugars started to rise of course.

    Started back in April this year as shoulder much better and self isolating. In 7 weeks I have lost just 3 lbs – 3 lbs!!! Last year I could have lost that in a day so what’s gone wrong? Why the difference?

    I have increased my exercising so now my maximum amount during the day is a 90 minute brisk walk over our lovely fields around my house, a 40 minute aerobic class onlline which includes ab work and sometimes an hour or so playing table tennis. I have kept to the 800 cals and really low carbs – then as this wasn’t working, I have tried the high fat/high protein low carb KETO diet but actually felt sick at the amount of high fat and eggs so went back to the 800 but it is extraordinary how the needle on the scales just does not flicker.

    Very demoralised – any suggestions would be most welcome!

  • posted by Verano

    Hi. I started eating low carb almost 4 years ago. Within 4 months or so I lost 10% of my weight ( but still way overweight) and my blood sugars dropped to normal range and I stopped taking metformin.
    Since then I have gained some weight but my blood sugars have stayed fine. I put that down to the fact that I keep to low carb….. no bread, potatoes, pasta or rice. I mainly cook from scratch. So whilst my calories have increased my carbs are low.
    I’m convinced that carbs are the ‘monster’ for anyone with T2. Maybe , once your blood sugar has reduced you can keep it in check just with low carb?

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hi Tallyhoo … welcome back. Sorry you are struggling to make the scales move, even when doing everything right. Wonder what level you are using for your daily carb intake and whether there is too. To tweak that downwards a little? I take it you are logging everything consumed, drink and well as food? Might the odd little thing sneak past the lips without being recorded? I’d say check on hydration, as this plays a key role in the body functioning at it’s optimum.

    Hope you are able to resolve your lack of progress. Do join in on the weekly thread, where someone might be able to suggest other things to try.

    Best wishes

  • posted by JGwen

    Have you looked for an inch loss. – When you go low carb your body can heal and you may be having a body composition change.

    For example, high insulin levels block the work of the hormone system which repairs bones. So when you are low insulin you can have bones becoming stronger and an inch loss.

    Low insulin levels and more exercise can increase levels of muscles. Muscle takes up less space than fat so you can have inch loss but no change in weight.

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