I lost my dentures … again, adventures in mindlessness

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  • posted by shalimar

    I lost my dentures …. again today. I even checked the garbage!! Actually … it was related to eating. I found them in a soup dish i put on the kitchen table and put something on top of. To exercise in mindless eating AND mindless housework!!!
    I’ve actually gotten on the bus to work … and had to get off the bus … on a freezing winter morning … call a cab to get home quick … find my teeth … and then take a taxi ride to work … about 35 or 40 dollars!!!!!
    Not the first time i left the house without my dentures!!

    I also catch myself in mini OCD episodes … because i lock up the front door at bedtime on autopilot … and then i have to check and re-check the door … because i’m not doing it mindfully so i don’t remember that i’ve already locked it. And then there are the times i’ve fallen asleep with the key in the door … or the door open!!

    Not living mindfully can have real consequences!

  • posted by Switzerland

    Oh shalimar, maybe this is how the universe decided to plunge you into mindfulness!……and haven’t we all been there……our lives are so busy (often others’ expectations of us) that we don’t have time to meet our own needs (eg. put dentures in).
    As Simon and Garfunkel famously sang in the 59th Street Song ‘Slow down, you move too fast’.
    Best wishes shalimar.

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