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  • posted by melsnell

    How do I start, what foods do I eat, Im a bit lost

  • posted by alliecat

    Melsnell, do you have a copy of Mosley’s book, “The Fast 800”? That’s the obvious place to start. Many here really
    enjoy the recipes, and others of us simply adapt our own cooking styles, eliminating the carbs. There are many
    experienced BSDers here, and we’re delighted to share anecdotal experiences, and lessons learned along the way.
    We laugh and commiserate together, and there is always someone out and about..you need to only ask, and
    one of us will appear. Very best to you..Welcome!


  • posted by JGwen

    Once you have read the book I would suggest just taking it in stages. – Start off by cutting out the “big whites” , bread, rice, pasta, pizza, sugar, chocolate.
    Once you are used to that then use one of the mobile phone apps – I use fatsecret to record everything you eat during the day and see how many carbs you are eating. Then you can start to swap out food options to reduce the carb levels.
    Some people loose weight successfully at around 50g of carbs, others have to take it down to 20g a day.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Welcome melsnell – it does feel daunting to begin with, but as JGwen suggest, you can begin gently and adjust as you go until you are fully in the Fast 800 zone, limiting your carbs and calories alike. If you haven’t read to book it makes good sense to do that, as it gives lots of useful information. Then, if you have any specific questions, just shout out and someone will offer assistance.
    The forum is a very useful resource and I recommend joining any thread that you feel relevant to you. The weekly thread – One Week at a Time … – is especially helpful, being populated by people old and new to the BSD, so there is a heap of experience and knowledge to draw on.
    Hope to see you out and about on the forum and look forward to reading about your progress – all best wishes for achieving your goals.

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