How about 2:5?

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  • posted by sharonpeak

    Hi all
    Just started on the 800 today – too soon for any feedback.

    My question is regarding the 5:2.
    Is there a problem in changing it to a 2:5?

    Reason being is that I know I will struggle on a weekend on the 800 plan, and I won’t want to break away, so wonder if I adopt a 2:5, then I will feel as if I am keeping to the plan.

    Any thoughts?

    Also – can anyone direct me towards the area where you can log personal progress data – its mentioned in the book, but cannot find anything on the site.


  • posted by Melanie

    Hi there,

    I would say if there is an option to do it every day then there is an option to do it 5 days a week. I am no expert but I did Fast Diet a couple of years back before pregnancy derailed me and i would often Fast on 3 days, even 4. I am about to finish a week off and I can testify that for me personally, this week has been tough but if you have time & money to get out to distract yourself then I suspect other people wouldn’t find it as hard as me.

    Why not try it and see how you get on?

    I can say that I lost 7lb really quickly in the first few days (plateaued since :() so if you are well prepared and keen to crack on with it, its worth a try??? You could always reduce the 80 cal days if you need a break mid week?

  • posted by trickydicky

    I have taken the view that if I have understood the principles that Dr Mosley has outlined in either of the two books, I can adapt the method to suit myself. I found that restricting myself to <600 kcal/day on the 5:2 just a bit too much, but I have no problems in fasting for 23 hours which means I can go without breakfast, lunch, snacks and eat only a dinner which might be typically 700 – 900 kcal. To compensate for these extra calories consumed, I decided on doing a minimum of 3 fast days a week, although in practice it often is 4 or 5 days fasting. Early days so far as I have only been practicing this for 2 weeks, but have lost 3.5kg and reduced my fasting blood glucose result from 6.2 to 5.5 mmol/L in this period.

  • posted by paula121s

    Hi Sharon,

    I started on Saturday, Sunday we were invited for lunch. I found it relatively easy and just ate the veg, but I had told everyone so I didn’t upset anyone by not eating much.

    My Aunt (who recommended this diet for me) does 2 5. She doesn’t go mad at the weekend but isn’t as rigid. She lost 5kg on her first week. I think that you need to do what is best for you. What works for you may not work for someone else.

    At least you have made the first step and started. Good luck.

  • posted by chinta

    I’m of the same view as you sharon, that 2:5 sounded like a good idea to me. Part of the reason being that my husband does enjoy his food (and my cooking) and I felt it was unfair to not cook some of the things he likes at least part of the time. Anyway, when it came to Saturday last week I really felt that relaxing at the weekend would undo all the good I appeared to be doing, so more or less stuck to it on Saturday as well (made a chilli that he had with jacket potato but I had just on it’s own) but had what I wanted on sunday. I’m going to do the same this week. I’ve lost 6.5lbs in 10 days, perhaps not as much as I could have but it’s more than I’ve ever lost on a diet before, so I’m happy!

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