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  • posted by Ridgback

    Hi all, me and my wife started the Fast800 just over 2 weeks ago. We are sticking to it and have lost just over a stone for me and just under a stone by the wife.
    However the last few days has seen my wife gain a pound or so and I have stalled. We are doing nothing different to what we have been doing so are at a loss as to why this has happened.
    Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

  • posted by JGwen

    There is one piece of advice that I would give people is to not focus only on the reading on the scales to monitor progress.

    When we eat a high carb diet our body needs to store water to help process the carbs, as soon as we change into ketosis (fat burning mode) our body releases that stored water. That’s the reason for the rapid weight loss at the start. Sorry to disappoint you but that large loss at the start wasn’t all fat and you will not be able to maintain that rate of weight loss.

    Each lb of fat provides 3500 calories. So depending on your metabolism, the discard of a lb of fat a week would be a reasonable rate of progress. However, Insulin which we aim to keep low does not only control if our body is storing carbs or burning fat if there is a deficit on calories. It also controls other activities such as repairs to the body, building stronger bones and muscles. Obviously healthy bones weigh more than weak ones but are invaluable especially as we get old. As a result you can have times when the reading on the scales isn’t changing as you want but your body shape is changing.

    In addition to taking measurements of the common places, such as waist and hips, also be open for looking for other changes. For many of us with a lot to discard we managed to drop a shoe size, and our collar bones emerged before we saw many changes in our waist and hips.

    I would suggest joining one of the regular threads. either the weekly thread which starts each tuesday, or the 100 day thread. The only reason for the two is that some people prefer to set targets on a weekly basis, others prefer to make longer plans. On either you will find support from others on the same journey.

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