High fasting blood glucose?

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  • posted by Barefoothelen


    Am currently 5 days into fast 800. Am in ketosis (tested via urine).

    My question is regarding fasting blood glucose. My results have been as follows:

    Day one – didn’t take reading
    Day two – 6
    Day three – 5.5
    Day four – 4.6
    Day five – 6.7

    I was a bit surprised that it jumped back up on day 5 – anyone else has this/ideas why?

    What are the normal ranges…..keep seeing different numbers…..

    Thanks in advance,

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Helen,
    Those figures look pretty good.
    In answer to your question just a couple of things from my experience.
    Although my blood glucose levels did go down, they were always bouncing around a bit as they did so, so very much like your readings above. So, when they were mostly 7s, for example, I’d also get the odd 8 and the odd 6. When they were mostly 5s, I’d get some 6s and some 4s, etc. This happened all the time my bgls were reducing. I’ve read of others having similar experience so don’t think it’s that unusual. I’d just keep looking at the general trend.

    Also, my fasting bgls were the last to lower. I measured my bgls, like you, when I first got up (fasting) but also before and 2 hrs after every meal so I could check the impact of different meals. My fasting bgls were the last to go lower at every stage of my bgls coming down. Again, I’ve read of others having a similar experience. This is probably linked to the ‘dawn phenomenon’ where your body releases sugar into your blood stream early on in the day to get you going. So, your readings tend to be higher first thing. If you use the search box in the top right of the page you’ll see lots of posts on DP.

    The other thing that happened that might be worth knowing about, a few weeks in my bgls suddenly went up again and stayed up for a couple of weeks. Jason Fung (a Diabetes expert) identifies this as your body releasing stored glucose from your body’s cells into the blood stream before expelling it – so, in essence, a good thing. (Not everybody seems to experience this – but I’ve certainly read of it happening to others on here). After the 10 days – 2 weeks, my bgls went down again and stayed down.

    The really good news is that this way of eating works. People on here (past and present) have reversed their pre-diabetes and put their Type II diabetes into remission. (My figures have been back in the normal range for 2 months short of 3 years).

    As far as normal ranges, these do vary depending on what country you are in, and what measurement is being taken.(I’m in the UK so only really know about in the UK).
    The main measure used by health care staff in diagnosing and monitoring Type ii diabetes is the Hba1c.(It gives an average of what our plasma glucose concentration has been over the last approx. 3 months). This measures in mmol/mol and/or %.
    The link below will take you to the diabetes.co.uk website which gives you info on what is classed as normal, prediabetic and diabetic using the Hba1c.

    The measure used by a home blood glucose monitoring kit is different. It measures our blood sugar levels and in the UK it is measured in mmol/L (irritatingly similar but different from above!). I know in the US they measure in mg/dl. I’m not sure about in Europe, Australia, New Zealand etc.
    The link below gives some info on blood sugar ranges

    The 50 shades chart (in link below) gives 4 figures for each coloured block –
    top – HBA1c (number),
    second – HBa1c (%)
    third – mgdl (US blood glucose measure)
    fourth – mmol (UK blood glucose measure)

    As you can see your numbers are all on that green/yellow-ish top line – so good going already

  • posted by Barefoothelen

    Thanks Jennie, that’s great information.
    Helen x

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