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  • posted by Bee light

    Hi I am now at my target weight. and I am worried silly how to go about taking it up from 800 to 1800?? I am not insulin resistant or diabetic. Have read to add 50 cals a day. Never intend to go back to the crazy eating, sugar by drip feed diet I was eating. My family and colleagues cant quite believe, that this hugely fussy, no vegetable eating!! vegetarian, now not only eats veges but sighs with pleasure throughout.
    I have made a list of what I will add per day at 50 cals each, can it really be this simple
    How come if I eat more cals during the 800, I put on, but adding 50 cals a day now I am at goal weight, I do not?
    How is this possible?

    The food I intend to add is all gorgeous and nutrition strong
    Any thoughts, ideas, warnings etc other than carb intake
    Thank you so much Bee ๐Ÿ™‚

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hi Bee …. the secret is in keeping the carbs low whilst adding calories … 50cal increments as described is a good way to go. That’s not to say you can’t raise your daily carb intake a little, but they do need attention, but certainly no returning to potatoes, pasta, rice and sugary foods of course.

    It does feel daunting, making that transition into maintenance, but as long as you take a measured approach, all will be well.

    Best of luck!

  • posted by HopefulinOz

    Hi Bee,
    Huge congratulations on your weight loss. I was wondering if you ever made your list, and if so, if you might be willing to share it? I am a little way off maintenance, but about two-thirs of the way to my goal in 7.5 weeks, so hoping this might also be useful to me when I get to celebrate that stage and transition. How has the transition gone for you so far out of interest?
    Donna ๐Ÿ™‚

  • posted by Bee light

    Hi Donna
    Thanks !
    I did make THE LIST den den der! (bat man noise) LOL
    However in reality I did this instead, which kind of used the list, but then did not
    I must state that I followed advice and really made this diet and journey my own, so you can swap foods in and out to suit you.

    in the very early days, while I was losing and madly saving recipes to explore and exploring healthy foods and low carbs etc, minus the junk, I wrote out a list of things I wanted to add to my diet, to make it healthier, but these were things I felt could not be eaten on the 800 calorie section (or things I did not want to spend my calories on during the 800). E.g. brazil nuts, other nuts (sensible amount), (I survived the diet on pumpkin seeds, they are my new best friend) home made basic muesli, trim milk, a little 95% dark choc, more veg, fresh berries on said muesli, avocado, a little more haloumi/yogurt etc etc etc.

    I am one of those that stuck to the 800 calories like a woman possessed, despite advice on the contrary as this is what worked for ME. This made it easy for me to add the 50 cals daily.
    I then listed, which of these foods would be added each day, e.g. in 50 cal lots

    I also won with the diet due to always having supper (100 cals). 200 breakfast, 200 lunch, 300 dinner, 100 supper (+ a few pumpkin seeds or seaweed crisps if I got the urge to ruin it)

    I never calorie counted after the start of the diet, as I measured everything I eat into half cup measures, so after I had made a food list at the start of the diet I simply looked at this list to score my calories (apart from pumpkin seeds etc etc which I measured and scored as tablespoons). Very soon I did not have to look at the calorie count and new most without thinking. Even a mixed plate of veg etc was easy to see what it came to due to the half cup measures.

    I ordered the list as to whether adding nuts was the top priority or then having berries on my breakfast etc
    In reality I started adding like this, but very quickly had what I fancied, still adding in what I had on my wish list, but having it when I fancied during the day/week. The list stopped being in order, I went with my mood and taste buds. My list had added e.g. 50 cals of muesli one day and 50 class the next. This did not work and I just added some muesli across a week and then added berries when I felt the time was right etc.

    The first week I tracked what I ate religiously. Then when monster cravings etc did not follow I relaxed and just had the half cup/ tablespoon measures in my head. I think tracking is ideal though. My thoughts are keep it sensible, eat gorgeous lush food watch the carbs/blood sugar spike foods etc, and enjoy !!!!!! If I over step on occasion, I will adjust, but the plan is to be active, eat well and avoid the crap. If I am to eat, it must be gorgeous and divine and to die for and I will make each spoonful last for ever!!

    I have continued to loose throughout this phase. I feel wonderful. Next phase build some muscle back that I have also lost. Yes I know I should have been weight bearing throughout, but I could only juggle so much change in one go!

    I wish you and all these lovely people the very, very best on your journey!! This diet and way of life has changed my life and probably saved it!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Bee ๐Ÿ™‚

  • posted by HopefulinOz

    Bee, thank you so so much for this amazing amount of information – it is enormously helpful. What you have described is how I hope to tackle it also, especially with adding in things like avocado, macadamia nuts, more cheese (I adore nice vintage cheddars), nice oils, tomatoes and berries (which I am avoiding at the moment) etc. I am keeping a diary of inspiration (sounds naff, I know), and writing down inspirational things that I read on this forum along the way and “If I over step on occasion, I will adjust, but the plan is to be active, eat well and avoid the crap. If I am to eat, it must be gorgeous and divine and to die for and I will make each spoonful last for ever!!” is definitely going in there ๐Ÿ™‚
    I too am hoping to start this process when I hit my goal weight, but am secretly hoping that I lose a few more pounds as I build back up to my TDEE so that my ‘goal weight’ actually becomes my ‘trigger weight’ to go back to the 800cal for a bit.
    Can I ask two more question? Have you worked your way all of the way back up to your TDEE now? And have you found your carb levels have increased considerably with the extra carbs (I realise you might not know this because of your genius half cup/tbsp way of portioning food out – love that idea).
    Thanks again Bee – it is so kind of you to share all of this information with me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • posted by Bee light

    Ha no worries. I did not realise what an essay I wrote until I saw it back later on ! and here comes another!
    Thanks for your kind words!
    If i am totally honest, I got 6lb from my goal weight and came to a complete standstill re weightloss
    This is because i wanted to do it in one go and not revisit the 800 majorly and so did the diet for 12 weeks
    I wanted to end up bang on 10 stone, (bang on ideal weight for my bla bla bla)

    Earlier on, on the diet, if I stopped losing I simply relaxed, checked if i was really at the calorie count, watched the carbs etc and then the loss started again
    But at the end, my body was telling me it needed more good stuff

    I decided to go for maintenance a little early (but a conscious decision and well thought out decision). This worked great, kicked my metabolism back into shape
    Still losing a little each week.

    As for the perfect balance, I will see as i get up to the 1800+. Throughout the diet I did not worry about the carbs so strictly and they were certainly not down at 20 etc
    That said i know this is crucial for those out there doing this due to insulin level management and I fully respect this and realise it is the gold standard
    I ate below ground veg etc when I wanted, but the carrots etc stayed on the edge
    I piled in the med veg etc
    The main change to my life is the bread. Previously I should most definitely have looked like a loaf of bread !!
    I can remember the 3 times on the diet i ate bread, I did not lose!!

    So I have now learnt to not base my meals around bread with some odd side foods LOL
    I will have it when i fancy, but i have just learnt to enjoy eating differently and to stop making up a plate like the typical advice charts pyramids

    Now as mentioned, as i build my muscle back, I will look at the protein levels as, as you know its all about the muscles re metabolism
    I am happy to sit around the 10 stone to 10 stone 6. I am not going to be ridiculous about it. However I will see where I sit once up at the 1800 plus, I will pull back a little if I see it coming back.
    My thoughts are keep it sensible and maintain as i go, rather than go mad and then have to cut back, i have worked too hard to let this happen
    That said I will not live like a nun and will relish top notch food (I don’t mean pricey food/brands etc) i don’t care where it comes from (ok thats a lie, I do, LOL) , as long as it is not loaded with salt and sugar and an ingredient list of 100 items and i will check it is actually a food before it goes in!!!

    Good luck with your vintage cheddar! remember to find the perfect spot to eat it (sunset etc, food for the soul)!!. my body is a temple and all that jazz
    Your note book sounds like a great idea, gives you pause for thought and ideas and plans and dreams
    Good luck from a rather cold morning in New Zealand
    All the best
    Bee ๐Ÿ™‚

  • posted by HopefulinOz

    Bee, you are an absolute gem.
    It sounds like you have got this completely sorted out in your life, and have the best of both worlds – amazing food, and the ability to reach and maintain all of your goals. Interesting how you say your body actually needed more of the good stuff – on a few occasions in the past 8 weeks I have been really really hungry so added more protein or good fats to my evening meal than planned for the 800 day. As a result my losses actually seemed to increase, rather than decrease, so probably a sign that my body likes it too.
    I really have found your story so inspiring, and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share it with me.
    We are having a lovely few 28 degree sunny days in Australia, but the cold is coming this Sunday. Brrr. new Zealand is a beautiful part of the world.
    Thanks again Bee, have an amazing day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • posted by Bee light

    Ha fancy you being in Oz!
    I am newish to New Zealand, from the UK (what is it with winter and no central heating)!! Literally the only think I do not like about living in this amazing country
    P.s Look up the ‘whoosh effect’ the link is on one of the blog runs. I found this phenomena very useful. it explains a good loss after a large meal and this happened to me twice after I ate freely with friends I only see once a year
    May the year ahead bring you nothing but joy
    Bee ๐Ÿ™‚

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