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  • posted by Natty40

    Started Jan 1st. I’m 24st 11lbs. Stuck religiously to 800kcals all week, fasting 22 hours, small snack then main meal, lots of water throughout the day and one cup of coffee a day. I weigh daily…gained 1lb after three days and then that came off again on day 4. Day 7 today and am same weight as day 1. Surely this can’t be right? 😩

  • posted by JGwen

    The scales are not an accurate method of calculating progress.

    The reading includes the contents of your digestive system. 800 calories of celery weighs more than 800 calories of chocolate.

    The reading includes the water you have drunk. – We are 60% water, and are encouraged to drink a couple of litres of water a day Each litre of water weighs 1kg. So your weight will naturally fluctuate by upto 4.4 lbs a day depending on where you are on water intake.

    If you keep your carb intake low, so your body can access your fat stores you will loose fat over time. However, keeping carbs low, so that insulin is low allows the other hormone systems to work on healing your body. That includes creating strong bones and muscles.

    I would recommend joining either the weekly, thread, or the journey to Easter thread where you will find both a mixture of newcomers and people experienced in this Way of Eating, who will offer you a helping hand to understand the process.

  • posted by RubyG

    Hi Natty,

    I’m new here too, so certainly don’t have a lot of experience, but with a bit more information from you, maybe others can advise:

    You have stated your weight as 24st 11lb – what is your height, age and gender, and normal activity level? (ie. are you a 6ft+ , male, professional rugby player in your 30s, or a 5ft menopausal female in your 50s with no appreciable exercise?)

    Do you have any known and diagnosed health issues, including high blood pressure, diabetes (or pre-diabetes) or high cholesterol?

    Can I ask why you are fasting for 22 hours and effectively doing one meal a day (OMAD) with the 800cal – that is pretty hard-core.

    Also, what is in the 800cal that you are eating?

    Have you read the Blood Sugar Diet (BSD) book?

    Sorry for all the questions, but you seem really disheartened, and I’d hate you to give up within a week because you are not seeing the expected results. With a bit more background, people on here may be better able to help you find the way through this way of eating to achieve the results you desire.

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