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  • posted by Tamara l

    Hi guys I live in Ontario Canada and have many health issues.
    I live alone and don’t have any family except sister I haven’t talked to in years
    I go out once a week for essentials because I have too
    I’m at the point where I don’t want to do that, I have so much anxiety about going out.
    We are in state of emergency , lockdown and stay at home order. All at once
    Ppl still go out for essentials and work.
    I’m just scared and lonely and need some comfort

    I know this is off topic of diet, but I’m so depressed

    I’m sorry

  • posted by florob85

    Hi Tamara

    I’m so sorry you are feeling down, this is such a horrible situation all over the world and it’s completely understandable you are feeling anxiety over going out and about – over here in the UK they are predicting a mental health crisis once the pandemic settles down because so many people are struggling and feel completely isolated.

    I wonder if there is anything you could enjoy at home while you can’t go out and about, do you have hobbies like crafts or jigsaw puzzles or reading books? Do you like gardening or keeping houseplants? I think the key at the moment is to try and keep yourself busy to distract yourself from everything that’s going on, you could also try mindfulness or meditation to try and stay calm but I know these are hard too. Can you go for a gentle walk in the countryside somewhere to get some fresh air – maybe try going very early in the morning or late in the evening when there’s less people around? How about finding some online communities to make new friends – there’s loads of them now and you can find people who are interested in literally anything – there’s even apps just for finding friends and not partners etc.

    Things will get better, but if you continue feeling so low it might be an idea to speak to your doctor. It’s also quite common to have quite a low mood during the first couple of weeks of the diet – this can be part of carb withdrawals so it’s possible that’s why you are feeling a bit low

    Big hugs


  • posted by WindyJulz

    Thinking of you Tamara, its such difficult times especially for people who live alone.
    Very good advice from Lauren, I think distraction tactics are a great idea.
    Depending on what you like there are many app based semi-social things you can do. For example i play Scrabble and Words with Friends on my phone with a few people who are on their own. Its a good way of staying in contact even if we have nothing to say other than ‘OMG i only have vowels!’
    I agree with being tactical about when you go out, whether for essentials or a walk….. if you can time it right and avoid crowds and keep anxiety levels under control.
    I know Covid has gone on way longer than i ever thought it would, but it will end, things WILL get better, we just gotta do what we can to get through and be ready for the lighter days!
    You CAN do this…..

    be kind to yourself

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