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  • posted by smudge70

    need any ideas i have done this way of eating before had good results but it tends to make my ibs worse upset tummy wont go into details !! ( sorry if to much information) but
    now its getting me down i am not sure if its the fact i eat too few calories or too few carbs that affects my stomach so much
    i want to try and continue as i know i can loose weight but i dont know what to do so can i increase the calories maybe to a 1000 but stay low carb and see if that helps whilst hopefully still losing weight
    any ideas really really appreciated as at minute feeling really fed up and fallen way off the wagon 😞

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi smudge, I have recently been reading about taking probiotics. The general medical advice is, if you are reasonably well there is no need but IBS is a special case as are people taking antibiotics which upset the gut flora. You will have to do your own research as I am not well up on this and can only suggest things like sauerkraut or kimchi and also probiotic yoghurts. You need to strengthen your gut biome and I am sure there are BSD friendly foods you can include which will keep you within calories and also calm down your symptoms. I dont think the number of calories you eat are affecting your IBS, maybe the types of food so you could keep to 800 and still include the probiotic. Dr M has a book called something like Clever Guts Diet and, as I type there is a pop up on the site advertising his Clever Guts App – quote – the app contains exclusive gut friendly recipes along with videos and podcasts from Michael and other members of the team – unquote. Hope this is helpful.

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