Heart health and BSD

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  • posted by Paulalizzie

    Is BSD good for heart health? I’ve been through a worrying time lately when both parents had heart attacks (within days of each other) and they have now both been diagnosed with heart failure (mild in one case, moderate in the other).
    I’m 43, about 3 stone overweight and this has really knocked some sense into my head. I obviously can’t go on with this excess weight! I last had my blood pressure checked about a year ago (it was normal) but I now know I’ve got to do something about weight, if I want to attempt to avoid problems in the future!

    So, is BSM good for heart health? I have tried it on and off over the last few months…not strictly following the 8 week plan, but just dropping carbs and replacing them with proteins and good fats. I was amazed at how quickly weight just dropped off! My downside is alcohol! I love a bottle of fizz on a Friday night, but that then leads to carb-laden munchies.

    Anyway, just wanted to get some thoughts on whether this is the right plan specifically for good heart health.

  • posted by Squidge

    I’m sure that being overweight puts a strain on the heart (and other organs) and that losing excess weight is good for our all round health. I don’t know if this particular diet is especially good, or otherwise, for heart health – as it says at the top of the page it is probably a good idea to check with your doctor over any particular medical issue.

    I suggest telling her (or him) that you’re concerned about your heart health due to family history, that you’ve tried this diet and lost some weight, and seeing if they think continuing with it is a good idea.

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