HbA1c Big Drop – yay

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  • posted by BigJH

    Started the BSD 9 weeks ago weighing 15st 1lb as directed by my GP, as had two consecutive HbA1c results of 48 and 49 respectively. GP was good enough to “prescribe” the BSD diet before “labelling” me as diabetic.

    After 8 weeks (last week) I had managed to get down to a weight of 12st 8lb, which I was really pleased with, so now came the blood test. I was a bit anxious as I had read that you sometimes don’t get much of a drop in HbA1c levels as they are measured effectively over 3 months – so you can imagine my delight when I got the results this morning – was told that my blood results were satisfactory and I didn’t need another test – when I asked for the results, they were down to 39 from 49 – which I was extremely pleased with.

    NOw to keep them that way.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Big congratulations, yes it does work even after a short time. But that is all down to you. Don’t forget to keep up the good work, yes, relax a little but always keep an eye on your carbs. You dont have to give them up for life but you have made such a good start it would be a shame to let things slide. Hope that doesnt put a downer on your news because you deserve every accolade for both weight loss and HbA1c results.

    Well done.

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