Happy New Year!

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  • posted by Squidge

    Happy New Year to everyone I already know on here and hello to those I haven’t yet met.

    I’m guessing there will be some new joiners soon and I’d like to wish them luck and assure them this plan can work.

    I started a year ago, managed to get down to within the healthy weight range by Easter, and have stayed there ever since. There have been a few ‘incidents’ where I’ve eaten things I shouldn’t (once it was a whole tin of chocolate biscuits) but I’ve always put such things behind me and carried on. To do this you don’t need to be perfect all the time (although results will be faster if you are) you just need to keep on doing your best.

    My tips are to drink plenty of plain water and to exercise as much as you can. Doesn’t need to be intense – walking is great.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Squidge and Happy New Year to you. I have been on this plan for 2.5 years and, although my weight goes up and down with cheat times I am very pleased to say I have only gained 2lbs over the Xmas and NY celebrations despite having 2 Christmas dinners (a weekend with overseas family and then the real day). I pride myself on keeping my BG down although I am still on some meds and all my other numbers (BP, cholesterol etc) are well within normal.

    My advice for anyone starting out is to be organised and plan a weekly menu, shop and cook accordingly. There is nothing worse for a diet than to find you dont have anything in that suits the plan.

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