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  • posted by granny to four

    Whilst taking medication for high blood pressure I have been advised not to eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice, would this rule out the grapefruit and manchego salad featured in the recipe section, could I substitute other citrus?

  • posted by Eureka

    Hi granny to four welcome

    Don’t consume ANY grapefruit if you have been warned against it. Some drugs INCREASE in potency if you eat grapefruit whilst taking them. Be sure to read the literature that comes with your drugs. Also ask your GP again to explain this to you. Also look at for advice

    I take Metformin ,just one of those drugs that ban grapefruit, & it’s one fruit I really miss!

    Prawns, grapefruit & avocado with a sprinkle of mint Is really nice for those who can have it. Ah well maybe in the future?

    Try apple or maybe just a few segments of orange with the Manchego cheese. After all it is a Spanish cheese
    Think I’ll try it too
    I’m gma to four girls. Go for it!

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