Getting on well with the Fast 800 but have some questions.

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  • posted by JosieGr

    I’d been interested in anyone’s thoughts or experience.
    I’ve been getting on mainly quite well. with the fast 800. I’ve done lot of fasting consecutivelyfollowing the BSD over the last 4 months. I also have days off and eat around 1500 to 2000 calories. On about 5 separate occasions I have binged on sweets, chocolate and ice-cream. On those occasions I might eat 3 – 4000 calories and feel pretty sick but I don’t purge.

    My carbohydrate intake is reasonably low in that I don’t eat bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes and I no longer drink milk. I stick to that even on rest days. However the binging will really effect my outcomes.

    I have lost 9kg. I have moved from obese to the top of the overweight range. To get to my BMI I need to lose another 11kg.

    I’m taking medication that is safe to take while fasting however both the tablets I take cause some nausea. When I am fasting I feel quite nauseous. This is bearable and I can take gentle walks but I just don’t feel able to do more than that. I am not able to manage the fast exercise with this nausea. I’m worried that gentle walks won’t be enough to improve the blood sugar levels.

    Any thoughts or people with similar experiences I would love to hear from you.


  • posted by Firefox7275

    You are doing brilliantly! Obesity is a medical diagnosis in itself …. and you just beat that. Be proud of your many positive days. Try to learn from your few negative days.

    Do whatever physical activity that you can manage. Research shows that it all has health benefits. Maybe sometime in the future you will be able to reduce your medication, and feel less nauseous? If not just keep on with the gentle walking: every step is one in the right direction.

  • posted by Jennie10

    Congratulations, Josie – that’s a great weight loss so far and cutting down the carbs is definitely the way to go. Well done that woman! I also completely agree with what Firefox has said.

    You were asking for other people’s experiences. So, I have Type II diabetes and I followed the original Blood Sugar Diet rather than the newer Fast 800. I started out doing just gentle walking. I did add in exercise etc but that was only after a few months (after I’d lost a bit of weight and felt more able to do it!) By that time, my blood sugar levels were already well down and pretty much at normal levels. The BSD also recommended fast exercise, but like you I never did it. From my experience, I wouldn’t worry about not doing the fast exercise getting in the way of reducing your blood sugar levels, I don’t think it will.

    Cutting the sugar and carbs as you’ve been doing will really help with reducing your blood sugars, and you’re right, bingeing on sweets, chocolate and ice-cream will have a negative impact on this. I’m really sympathetic about your bingeing. I came to this way of eating with all sorts of ‘dieting’ baggage and problematic behaviours, yo-yo dieting, secret eating, bingeing on chocolates, crisps etc. I started this new way of eating to reverse my diabetes but I’ve had to deal with all those other things along the way. You can do that, too. (Btw, I genuinely admire you for coming on here and saying it as it is). As Firefox says, learn from the negative but stay focused on the positive!

    The only other thing I’d add is that fasting wasn’t in the original BSD book so I never fasted initially and still got my blood sugars back into the normal range and lost a lot of weight. Lots of other people on here have too. You mention that you are doing a lot of consecutive fasting and it’s making you feel nauseous. I’m just wondering if it would help you to maybe cut back on it for a while. Like you, I’m convinced about the benefits of fasting but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary for things to work, especially if it’s making you feel sick.

    Hope this helps – and again congrats, Josie – you’re completely doing the right thing following this way of eating. .
    Jennie xx

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