Fresh start or staying steadfast in September 2023 : One Week at a Time !

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  • posted by 1960smp

    Tulip, that is so worrying and especially how ll your daughter was, may she recover quickly!!
    Wendy, your plans sound lovely! Christmas in oz is so enviable ( warm weather) hope all goes well for mum to be …
    Glad you’re home safe, too SG!
    I am glad a new month has started. I need this to refocus and get started properly…

  • posted by Wendy1947

    Tulip pleased to hear your daughter is recovering I actually had the same thing when aged three in 1950 & the discovery & availability of penicillin saved my life.
    Have a wonderful time Wendy it’s so exciting waiting to be a granny 😀
    1960smp I agree & also need to refocus this month & thank you SG for starting a new one!

  • posted by wendleg

    Thanks for your good wishes everyone. Clare, glad to hear your daughter is starting to feel better. Yes,such a worry. Take care of yourself too with all that stress.

    First flight tonight ! Hopefully we will sleep a bit. We are better organised with travel pillows this time !
    I will be returning to France a week or so before Christmas as flights were eye wateringly expensive then. Haven’t booked the train from Paris yet though so I will spend a few days with my son .

    I will check in when I can xx

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