'Free' eating greens with zero calories and low carbs

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  • posted by gypsymoth

    Hey all

    I can’t find it in the forum but does anyone have a list of veg thats zero carbs and calories, a bit like salad leaves?


  • posted by alliecat

    Hi gypsymoth! All vegetables have carbs and calories, and are to be added into the 800 cal./per day. There are no free foods.
    Those that grow below ground are the highest with respect to the carbs, and such things like tomatoes can be quite carby,
    which makes sense, since they are actually a fruit. Even the lowly onion is 11g of carbs for a medium size bulb. Most use
    one of the apps to plan meals and they will add the carbs up for you. Having a kitchen scale is an indispensible tool to
    weigh and measure your portions. All of this becomes second nature in no time at all. Are you just starting out? Wishing
    you every success 🙂


  • posted by Firefox7275

    Agree with Alliecat, no wholefoods are zero calories or zero carbohydrates. Dr Mosley encourages us to eat a properly balanced and very varied diet, including the full rainbow of bright and dark produce (blue/ purple, red, yellow/ orange, dark green) rather than over-emphasising one group.

    Having said that, edible stems, flowers/ buds or leaves tend to be the lowest in carbs and calories. Examples include many cruciferous vegetables, celery, rhubarb, rainbow chard, and the mushroom family. Some fruits are lower in carbohydrates than many vegetables: examples include avocado, olives, berries, some members of the squash family.

    Do check your own supply of each fruit or vegetable because nutrition varies depending on the variety and where in the world it is grown.


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