Following the BSD as an active athlete

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  • posted by Ianbrez

    I’ve followed the BSD diet for 3 weeks now and it’s changed my life and thinking to the way I eat food . I’ve lost 7 lb and feel great.
    My problem now is I’m an active racing cyclist and I’m feeling as if I m not fueling. my muscles properly . My legs feel a bit empty when i ride .
    How do I stick to this brilliant way of eating and still fuel my body for intense exercise.
    Conventional knowledge is carb up for energy , but that goes against everything that’s good about this diet .

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi, It does take a little time for your body to adapt to using fat for fuel if you have been eating a high carb diet for some time, (how long depends on personal circumstances) but the rule of thumb I have heard on different forums for athletes moving to a keto diet is that you will see a drop in performance for around 12 weeks. – Your body needs to change cell structures in your muscles to adapt to efficiency of burning fat as a fuel.

    There is a specialist on this topic, Stephen D. Phinney, you may want to read the book The Art and Science of Low – Carb Performance. Or if you search you will find podcasts for presentations by him.

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