First week in, looking to share and get some 300-400cal meal ideas

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  • posted by CalorieSauron

    Hey all,

    Started last Friday (22nd) at 282lb, down to 273 at my lowest reading after a week!
    So far my daily has been Huel Black ( 400cal, 40g protein, 17 carb ) and then struggling with follow-ups.

    I saw the Weight Watchers (UK) Boleignise at 230cal but noticed it still boasted 33 grams of Carbs, so, gonna steer away I think?
    Small snacks like Apple Slices/Strawberry, Popcorn (no Sugar, 44cal), Beef Jerky, and Soup have been nice, but don’t compete with a meal.

    My Daily goals are: 900 Cal, 50g Carb, 60g Protein, 40g Fat

    I made a meal today, Egg Noddle Nest (166cal) minced lamb (250) Chilli Flakes (1) and a bit of soy sauce (8) and thought it was great!
    I’ve seen a lot of hype around eggs, so looking to add them to the rotation, (I’ll be honest, new to cooking)

    Also to share to see if it correlates with anyone’s own experience, I had one meal on Thursday while out, Wings from Wing Stop, advertised at 420 cal (Honestly, I don’t trust it in retrospect….) only when I added to myFitnessPal did I realize how heavy in Carb and Sugar they were, and my sought after relief from hunger pains vanished the next day! I blame the sugar.. The first few days on the Diet were hard, just due to the hunger pangs, but by Wednesday they had turned to a light eb, but after those wings, they came back hard for a day, and weirdly I found my evening Treadmill ( 2.5km / 1.5m > 3200-3400 steps > 12% Incline Approx 400-500cal?) tougher compared to before and the following day 😓

  • posted by WindyJulz

    Hi CalorieSauron,
    You are going to find cabs and sugar lurk in so many places, some very surprising. Certainly the coating on your wings will have been very sugar heavy i would think. ‘Best plan…… go to basics, prep your own food, eat clean. There are loads of recipes available, have you got the Blood Sugar Diet or any of the Fast800 books? They have a huge amount of very good recipes in them.
    Bust basically start with a protein and add healthy fats and veg. Step away from pasta, bread, potatoes, cereals (including corn – popped or otherwise).
    Eggs are a good source of protein and healthy fat – and very versatile. Also chicken, fish, beef, lamb (tho watch the calories). Replace pasta with veggies – broccoli, cabbage, leeks. Replace potatoes with cauliflower or swede.
    Be careful with fruit – red berries are good, lower in sugar than apples and tropical fruits.

    hope that gives you some ideas….

  • posted by CalorieSauron

    Hey WindyJulz, thanks! I’ve not picked up either, I’ve seen some samples and I figured I’d ease in, again not a very confident cook yet 😅
    I noticed Eggs alone are 80-100kcal, the 800 budget goes fast, and I am surprised how some of the meals presented claim to be so low calorie!

    I’ve been trying to find low-calorie alternatives, and came across Bare Naked Noodles, though texture-wise they are a bit weird.
    I understand about the Fruit, I picked them up since they were low calorie, low carb, but I’ll check out the berries, not picked them up before.

  • posted by Verano

    CalorieSauron try to concentrate on the carbs rather than the calories. 50g of carbs is a good start but if your calories are 1000 or even 1200 at first it won’t harm.
    Be careful with low calorie foods as they often contain high amounts of sugar to compensate for the taste lost by removing the fat. For example 5% Greek yogurt is far better than low fat as it has more protein so keeps you fuller longer.
    As WindyJulz says as a general rule stay away from bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. Green vegetables will become your best friend!

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