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  • posted by Paloma Mia

    Hello everyone!! I’ve got the book, I’m on the website, gathering all the info to get started- making my grocery list. Best advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated and will motivate a struggling repeat offender that has struggled what seems like my entire life with overweight issue and pre-diabetes 😉

  • posted by SunnyB

    Welcome Paloma and congratulations on taking this important decision, to take control and make this life style change to improve your health.

    We have a weekly thread running, which is renewed week on week and everyone is welcome there, so do consider joining us. As the thread is populated by newcomers, old hands and returners, there is wealth of experience based knowledge, which we love to share. There is loads of support and advice to be had there and we love to celebrate the wins, no matter how small.

    My advice for beginners is to be sure to include fats in your menu, hydrate well, make a habit of reading nutrition labels and watch out for those carbs, it can be surprising where they manage to hide out.

    Of course, avoid the white carbs … potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, cereals in general and all sugary food stuffs. Best not to opt for preprepared and processed foods and to cook from scratch, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

    Anyway, hope some of that will help and that we will see you on the weekly thread. We’ll be looking forward to reading about your progress. Best wishes

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