Fatty liver issue but not overweight

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  • posted by AlexH

    Dear all,
    Apologies for any repitition here. I posted two similar posts on other threads and then stumbled across this page. I am 39 years old and was diagnosed with mild IBD (crohn’s) in April 2019. I have some mild fatty deposits in my liver and my liver enzyme levels are too high. Gastroenterologist recommend I read the book and I have started to do so. I am not overweight at all (76kgs with a BMI of 21.2). Have not drunk alcohol in a very long time. As far as am aware my insulin levels are normal and I am not pre diabetic.

    The 800 calorie a day plan isnt going to work for me as I do not need to head in the underweight area but I do need to find a way to remove this fat from my liver. Happy to do the Mediterranean plan diet but am unsure as to how much I can eat and portion size. As long as I remove starchy carbs from my diet will my liver slowly return to normal as long as i follow the M plan diet?

    If anyone is in a similar situation to me I would appreciate any advice. Not sure what to do really.
    Many thanks.

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