Fasting / Keto / low calorie blood sugar advise.

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  • posted by Adamblue

    Hello everyone.

    I am a x bodybuilder who is now into health & longevity my fiancée is a doctor who runs a elderly care unit.

    3 months ago I started cycling a long fast / intermittent fast / Keto and low calorie diet along side 20 mins a day ( 2 days off a week ) resistance training , 20 mins sprint interval training and 10,000 steps a day. Everything went just how you would expect on the outside and my body looks in top shape I lost 20 pounds dropping all the way down to 13% overall body fat and 8% SQ body fat and maintaining most muscle tissue sitting around 13 stone at 5’ 10 . My CV has improved , my skin has improved and my energy has improved.

    So why am I writing on here ? Well here is my question and maybe I am paranoid but I get some very unusual readings on my blood work.

    My blood sugar can go up to 6.8 Mmol in the morning while sometimes as low as 3.7 Mmol after walking. After exercise again it goes above 6 Mmol and on my days off it maintains in the 4Mmols with my ketones being their highest on my days off at around 1.8.

    My urine show my PH is on the alkaline side and I am often slightly dehydrated no matter how much I drink or minerals I take.

    My blood pressure on training days can be high around 130/90 but on my days off it goes down to 115/70. I am also feeling the cold a lot and sometimes my body temperature is on the low side 35.8.

    All my results on training days are similar to my fiancée’s patients when ill.

    My question is this a sign of my body struggling with what I am doing or is it a sign of fitness ?

    It seems to be borderline and I don’t like the idea of all my efforts being counterproductive health.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    If you are worried about your BG level fluctuations then you should get a glucose tolerance test or an HbA1c from your doctor. We are not medical people and not able to advise on the complex questions you have raised.

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