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  • posted by AllyS

    Hi all. I was diagnosed pre-diabetes shortly after being diagnosed with psioratic arthritis earlier this year. Since then and very quickly, my bloods have been shooting up to the point that I was borderline diabetic. I read the blood sugar diet and am now on week 4. I’ve lost 16lbs so far and my bloods were going steadily lower, but this last week, my eight loss has stopped and my bloods are swinging wildly from normal to diabetic with seemingly no reason! Has anyone else found this and is it normal? I find the 800 calories relatively easy when I can see positive results but am feeling a little frustrated this week as it feels like I’m pushing myself for nothing!

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Allys
    Congratulations – nice weight loss, and it’s great to hear about your bloods going down. It sounds to me like you’re doing great!

    About the blood sugar readings, yes, I experienced the same and I’ve read on here about other people having the same or similar experience. Everything is fine for a few weeks and then without any apparent change in what you’re doing for some reason blood sugars start to go up.

    I’ve read it could be for a number of reasons. If it was your fasting blood sugar (first one in the morning) it could be caused by the dawn phenomenon which is where your body releases more glucose into the bloodstream as a way of kickstarting it for the day – if you search for dawn phenomenon in the search box you’ll see there’s lots of posts about it.

    But, there also seems to be a pattern for some people on this way of eating where, for a relatively brief period and for no apparent reason, their blood sugar levels start rising again and stay higher for a period. I can’t remember if mine went up around week 4 or week 6 but all my bgl readings went up and stayed up for about a week (for some it was less time, for others 2 weeks plus).

    One of the original posters on this forum, Bill1954, experienced this in Week 5. He emailed the admin team who said not to worry it’s just your body still adjusting. to the new way of eating.
    Dr Jason Fung, a well-known diabetes expert (he wrote The Diabetes Code) says it’s about your body releasing stored fat/glucose which enters the bloodstream as part of getting rid of it so it should be seen as a positive sign.
    Anyway, in every case (including Bill1954’s and mine) after a period the bgl readings went down again. Just keep to the 800 cal and lower carbs and they will go down again.

    The stalls in weight loss are also common. (For me, that aspect is similar to any other ‘diet’ plan.) When I experience them I tend to just stick them out so haven’t got much advice – sorry – but if you use the search box for weight loss plateau or stalls you should get some useful info.

    Keep going – it really does work. Do let us know how you go on.

    Jennie xx

    Edited: Oh, and any other questions, just post them – there’s usually someone who can help.

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