Day one…

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  • posted by Antinic

    Morning! This is my first day of trying this plan. My only objective is to free myself of my carb addiction! Losing weight will be good as well! I’m going to try 5:2 as I’ve been following that fasting plan for some years. However, the menopause has hit and the weight is piling on! So, a complete re-think is needed. And here I am!

  • posted by Nettle

    Congrats on joining up Antinic

    This is where success is the best thing on the menu.

    I am 64, been overweight for about 50 of those years, now on DAY 297 and loving it. I reached a goal weight, a revised to a lower goal weight, in October and have stayed there easily. In March last year when I started I thought I would give two weeks a trial, boy am I glad I did. Yesterday my fitness device told me I had set a new steps record of 20,624, that’s the difference in my life, I can just keep going and going no effort involved.

    Enjoy your journey to a new way of life.

    Keep us posted.


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