Day 1 of my new life

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  • posted by Golfcaddie

    Hi everyone. Just popped on to introduce myself. I have been an advocate of the 5:2 diet previously but weight loss was not enough, so decided to give the BSD a try. Read the book on Saturday, planned some meals and shopped on Sunday, and started today. I am not diabetic, but probably heading that way if I don’t get a grip.

    My shopping basket yesterday has never been so colourful!! It was really quite exciting! So todays menu is:
    B: two scrambled eggs with 10g butter, and 50 smoked salmon
    L: Mixed salad of tuna, butter beans, tomato, cucumber, pepper, and crème fraiche, to be eaten in lettuce leaf parcels
    D; either chicken stirfry or bacon and bean courgette, depending on mood.

    Does this sound ok? It all comes under the 800 cals and also leaves a few calories for milk in my coffee which is a necessity.
    Reading my way through all the forums and trying to get to know you all a little, so I look forward to seeing you all progress and hopefully joining you in your successes!!

  • posted by Onmyway

    Sounds really lovely to me!

    Good luck to you, hope you love it and get the results you’re hoping for.

  • posted by Birdy76

    Good luck GolfCaddie and a warm welcome to you. We are all here to help, encourage and we are not judgemental. Just a friendly bunch of people all trying our best to live a long and healthy life🤣😉💞🦜. Birdy

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