Craving fats hunger has returned

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  • posted by Ilovecatsndogs

    Hi guys!

    This is going to be a longish post!

    I started BSD June 2, lost 15 pounds the first week, 5 lbs. the second (cuz I had zero appetite), nothing lost or gained week 3, a few pounds lost week 4, and week 5 where my total loss was another 5 lbs. so 25 lbs lost so far and week 6 starts tomorrow.

    My problem is my appetite came back in week 3 and I think the problem was my carbs were probably about 50 gr. I eat too many vegetables. I find if I stay at 10 g of carbs, I have no appetite.

    To figure this out and experiment, on week 4 and 5 I turned to the Atkins shakes which have a lot of fat and protein and very low carb. It worked, but I started adding big salads with protein and have slowly tapered off the Atkin shakes because week 6 I want to go back to real food.

    I have not cheated at all with sugar or carbs, but several days during the two weeks I went way over 800 calories, because I craved fat and protein. Sunflower seeds are my weakness, and twice I ate extra chicken breast slathered with extra olive oil which pushed me well over 800 calories

    My cheats didn’t cause any weight loss or weight gain.

    Since I was also cheating with a lot of sunflower seeds, I decided to add them to my list of 800 calories so now I can eat them without going over, as they are my “treat”.

    My problem is 800 calories gives you pretty little wiggle room to add more fat and protein. And that I have to cut down on veggies because they make my carb level too high for me and I get hungry.

    1 eat about 4 OZ chicken breast daily with 1 Oz goat cheese in a big salad with a teaspoon of olive oil, plus my 2 coffees with heavy cream and almond milk, and sunflower seeds and hard boiled eggs.

    I was eating 4 cups green beans and chicken sautéed with 8 cloves garlic and 2 T olive oil, but it had too many carbs for me.

    Any suggestions on how to increase my olive oil, fats and proteins, and still include a lot of veggies (at 10%) and sunflower seeds to stay at 800 without craving fat or protein?

    Any advice is appreciated.

  • posted by alliecat

    Ilovecatsanddogs, there are many experienced BSDers on the forum, and we would be happy to have a look at your
    menu plan if you you could present it in terms of your macros. By that, I don’t mean percentages, but how many grams
    of protein, carbs and fats you eat each day. Are you drinking 2-3 liters of water ?

  • posted by Californiagirl

    Hi Ilovecatsndogs (I do too!!) —
    You sound well on point, but maybe just cut back a bit — four cloves garlic instead of eight, one cup green beans instead of four — just dial it back on the carbs but leave your protein up and you could put grass fed butter on the veg.
    If you need more bulk, I always rely on “greens”, like kale, spinach, chard, watercress, rocket, collards etc .. which have so few few carbs and so much fibre that they are practically “freebies”.

  • posted by Firefox7275

    I am concerned you may partly be experiencing cravings or hunger because your diet is poorly balanced and very low in a whole raft of essential nutrients (minerals/ vitamins/ essential fatty acids/ prebiotics).

    Dr Michael Mosley and Dr Clare Bailey advocate a really wide variety of nutrient dense wholefoods; macros really are not more important than micros.

  • posted by Ilovecatsndogs

    Hi allocators, Firefox, and californiagirl!

    Sorry, didn’t receive a notification that my post had replies.

    Allie I don’t really know the amounts of macronutrients per day because with the ap fitness pal, I have to log in each ingredient, individually per recipe. So I kinda gave up on it.

    Instead I keep notes of my recipes on the “note” section of my phone for calories, but not fat or carbs.

    I eat once a day, as I have been for years, and drink my coffee for lunch and breakfast, no hunger at all or desire to eat.

    When dinner comes around I am not hungry either. I usually eat half my dinner, eat very slowly and chew thoroughly, and stop when I feel the slightest bit full. Later I eat the rest of my dinner.

    Maybe it’s not really hunger I’m feeling later, just cravings for fatty stuff.

    I usually eat chicken breast, a little cheese, olive oil (tho sparingly cuz it’s high calorie), and lots of salad and broccoli and spinach, hard boiled eggs, etc. I often make stir frys.

    I also add radishes and cucumbers and kimchi on the side.

    I’m trying to get in more fat so at the grocery I just bought some fresh salmon, tins of sardines in brine which I’ll saute ( never at sardines before) until they’re seared, and a big can of cooked salmon I’ll mix with mayo.

    And yes I’m going to cut down on the amount of veggies I eat so that my carb count will be lower.

    After writing the first post I went on an all out binge for the first time— cookies, sunflower seeds, eggs, cheese, crackers and butter, etc. luckily I didn’t have any bread in the house! Gained about 3 pounds so won’t be doing that again! This is the first diet out of many that I had actually stuck to. So I won’t be discouraged by my cheat and was back on the diet the very next day.

    Thanks for all your advice! You all are such nice peeps and soooo helpful!

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