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  • posted by lucullus

    I was concerned I may be getting insulin resistant and was also a bit overweight. So I went on a diet and arrange to see the doctor. I got to doctor about two weeks later and he tested me at 5.4 and my HBA1C came back at 40 so he told me there was no problem. I continued to monitor my own blood about once a week and for the next few weeks all seemed fine.

    At the same time I went for a set of tests at random health. They measure 150 different levels from your blood samples. By this time I had shed about 10 kilos in 4 weeks. HBA1C was at 36. I thought they must be correct I don’t have a blood sugar problem and went back on to a normal diet. However 3 weeks later I noticed that my fasting blood was up in the 6’s. I went straight back on a low carb diet of 650 2 days a week and 1400 the other days. I am also walking briskly over hilly terrain for 1.5 to 2 hours a day and exercise on my bike or in the gym for at least 1 hour each day. I have been doing this for a week now and have lost 3kgs yet my fasting blood sugars continue to rise. My fasting blood sugar was at 7.3 my highest ever reading. Am I doing something wrong or should I expect this.?

    By the way The test I had done show low adiponectin levels. If ur are reasonably slim and u get diabetes 2. This may be ur problem. It is a hormone produced by adipose fat tissue most people have about 10 micrograms / ml. Mine was 3.45. This substance helps u burn fat, the fatter ur get the less u produce. People who have naturally high levels of this hormone can get very fat and not become diabetic, those with low natural levels can get diabetic at low fat levels. Low levels are also associated with many cancers and atherosclerosis. The slightly better news is that u can raise ur level by diet, Med diet with high fibre and exercise and also eating oily fish also seem to raise it. I tried talking to my doctor about this but they had never heard of it. You really are on ur own GP, s don’t seem to know enough and u can’t get to see the specialists

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