Coming back after cancer surgery….

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  • posted by ClemFlo

    Hello all,
    I went on the diet a couple of years ago, to very great success but since I have been diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and have undergone a radical nephrectomy nine months ago.
    I really, REALLY want to get back on the diet and get control of my eating and lose weight again but my mind set is not great.
    I have got it into my head that the only reason I lost weight last time I did the diet was because I had undiagnosed cancer. I am so terrified of going on it again as I am so worried it won’t work. I have managed to paralyse myself.
    Is there anyone out there who might have gone through a similar thing and might be able to give me some advice – I would so SO appreciate it.
    I feel quite lost and scared at the moment.
    Thank you ❤️🙏🏻❤️

  • posted by Janethar

    Hi ClemFlo,
    I did the 800 diet 2 years ago and lost 10 kg. I started it again this January, having put a lot of the weight back on. I think there were a couple of reasons for regaining the weight including challenges at work and feeling very tired. There’s no way to tell if the fatigue was cancer-related, although the cancer charity helplines do say that fatigue before diagnosis and during treatment is common. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. This time around, I am not religiously following the recipe plan because I ended up with esophagitis from the radiotherapy. So it’s soft foods for me for another few months, and it’s challenging to get enough protein ATM (meat is quite ‘scratchy’ and usually cheese isn’t on the diet) . So I am having a bit of carb. Weight loss is still happening, it’s just slower. I’ve lost 5kg over 3 months and I feel ok about this. Especially since the specialist breast nurses have pointed out that slow weight loss while recovering from cancer is the ideal. So why not just take it one step at a time, start to eat some of the recommended foods that you really enjoy and see how it goes? Good luck with it and take care – Janet

  • posted by MerryMelba

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