Coffees and insulin spikes

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  • posted by Toriana

    Hi All,
    I’ve finished 12 weeks on the Fast 800 Diet a few months ago and I’m attempting to maintain on a Med Style Low Carb Diet but struggling with constant hunger and cravings. I suspect I’m insulin resistant (and I plan to talk to my doctor about this) but I want to understand what is recommended in relation to timing of caloric intake.
    I understand snacking of any kind is not recommended on this plan as it causes insulin spikes, leading to more hunger, but I can’t find a lot of info on this. Can anyone direct me to more information on this?
    I’d particularly like to know if I can have a sneaky soy latte or butter coffee mid morning, and whether that will affect my cravings long term.
    Appreciate any thoughts!

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Absolutely no reason why you cannot have a soya lattte or butter coffee (although sounds disgusting). If you are doing Med without too much worry on calories or carbs you can have whatever you want as long as it fits the numbers you are trying to stick to.

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