Carrots are evil

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  • posted by Barfly


    For some reason I thought that carrots would have negligible carbs so I was muching away on them to fill the void after I had eaten my carbs. Low and behold they are about 10% carbs for 2 small medium carrots has about 10grams carbs – crickey! If you are trying to stay under 50 it is not too hard to blow past that easily!

    Just a word of warning

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hey Barfly … yep, it’s surprising where those pesky carbs hide out – often in the most unexpected places. Generally root veg are very carby and above ground veg are better, especially leafy ones, beware of peas and sweetcorn though.
    Anyway, now you know about the carbs in carrots, I’m sure you’ll be checking before munching in future.

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