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  • posted by FrannyP

    Can I stay on this longer than 8 weeks???

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi FrannyP, welcome to the site. Hope you get as much help and advice as you need.

    First to your question – can I stay on this longer than 8 weeks – well I am in my 8th year. Obviously I am not 100% all the time but try to live by the principles of low calorie and definitely stayed low carb for the sake of my diabetes. Even on the 8 week plan you will have days or a weekend that interferes with all your good intentions so you are not going to be rigid for the full 8 weeks. That is not an excuse to dip in and out. I remember when I started I was 100% for 8 weeks and managed to get my BG right down although I didn’t lose a lot of weight (13 lbs) as I am on insulin which hangs onto fat.

    I have looked at your profile and see you are diabetic with other problems. Funnily enough I have just been tested for sleep anpea and I don’t know how I was supposed to sleep all strapped up with tabs on my fingers and tubes up my nose. She will probably tell me I am waking up all night, but no, I just don’t sleep well and that made it worse.

    Don’t know what your diabetic numbers are or if you are on any meds but if you stick with the plan you will certainly seriously improve your life chances and your numbers but don’t look at this as an 8 week fix. It is going to become your life style so learn as much as you can and do your best and let us know how you are getting on.

    We are running a monthly thread for February if you want to join us, just reading our posts might help you understand how we go about the diet, the good the bad and the sometimes not so great.

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi FannyP.

    I would suggest having a look on the latest forum posts section to locate one of the group chats that you will find most people are members of. – Its just the way that regular members of the forum have organised themselves, some prefer to start a new thread each week some prefer a 4 week or a 8 week chat.

    Dr M M recommends that no one tries to follow this way of eating for more than 8 weeks. There is a good scientific reason for this. – If we count calories for more than 8 weeks while having raised insulin levels that block our body from accessing our fat stores our body will slow down our metabolic rate. – If you work to be in ketosis all the time then your body can access your fat stores so there is no need to reduce your metabolic rate.

    You may find the work of Dr Fung worth researching to inform you on options after the end of the 8 weeks.

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