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  • posted by Dido55

    Ok firstly hello everyone just starting out on this total change of eating for me. Reading the book still a bit confused about carbs and protein and calories not to worried about giving up bread pasta or pots never did eat a lot of them. Just would like to know which would be the best way to count the carbs calories and all the other stuff how do you work out the carbs i would like to stick to the 20grms a day mark

  • posted by JGwen

    I use the myfatsecret app on my mobile phone.

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Dido55
    Yes, I use fatsecret also but on my computer

    Once you’ve registered (free), on your My Fat Secret page you can enter the food you plan to eat for a day (or have eaten – but I think it’s better as a planning tool). Go onto your food diary (plate, knife and fork symbol) enter data and it will show how many cals, carbs, protein etc you’ve eaten per item/meal/and in total for day. You can also look up/browse for common foods but I only really use the food diary. Oh, and you can also save some of your typical meals and enter them into your food diary as a whole which is really handy. If you do decide to go with fatsecret and get stuck just give us a shout – there are lots of people on here who use it.

    The other one people use is MyFitnessPal but I haven’t used that.

    Good luck with it. Let us know how you get on.


    Oh, and I also use a small set of kitchen scales to weigh out all my food.

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