AUTUMN HAS ARRIVED …. winter is just around the corner … for thought!

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  • posted by Verano

    Well as the days have started to shorten here in the northern hemisphere I thought it might be a good time to remind ourselves of some of the older food/recipe threads.
    There is Luvtcook’s thread ‘Good eats the low carb way’ which has some great ideas. I have posted her link to some great low carb sides ….
    Then we have ‘Cauliflower 100 ways’, and ‘Soups for winter ….’. I’m sure there are others that haven’t jumped to mind immediately.
    I spent some time yesterday refreshing my memory and printing out some recipes for the coming colder months.
    I find I need to be reminded, every now and again, just how well we can eat, and what a wonderful variety there is if we just spend a little time to explore some new low carb recipes.
    Would be good to see some of people’s favourite autumn/winter dishes posted here.

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