Another should I bulk or cut thread for skinny fat

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  • posted by derrickhulsey

    Last 3 weeks or so I have been on a pretty strict cut, Has been all clean food, Oats/sweet potato, chicken, fish, spinach, eggs, protein powder, etc, Trying to carb cycle a little as well and just keeping carbs lower on off days.
    Plan was to get rid of my belly fat and start bulking again mid Sept but with no noticeable progress I am starting to question if I should even cut in the first place as I am still very small.
    Training wise I have been doing push/pull/legs then day off and repeat, Normally take an extra day off if I feel my body needs it. Have a desk job so not much exercise outside my training, Only cardio I do is hockey once per week.
    Prior to this I have been training for about 2 years, Mostly doing a full body/compound routine and take every second day off. Actually put on about 20lbs as hard as that is to believe with my current size and did most of it dirty bulking without really tracking what I ate, Just made sure I was full all the time and got lots of protein.
    Added my current picture and daily nutrition log since starting the cut, Pretty bothered by my big waist and small chest.
    Should I stay on my cut or should I start clean bulking? Any advice would be great!

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