Advice needed pls ( sorry if this is a duplicate post)

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  • posted by PlumpGoose

    Started the Fast 800 last April and lost 4 1/2 stone in 4/5 months. With lockdown and Christmas and lockdown again I’ve put some back on ( about 20 pounds) Gave myself a stern talking to and am now 10 days into Fast 800 again -lost 11 pounds so far which is good. My question is, I am finding this time around so hard. I am obviously seeing results but I am feeling so hungry and waiting for the full feeling to kick in, so far nothing :-/
    I have another 3 stone to lose and ideally wanted to lose it by the summer as I have a significant birthday and lots of plans around that. Obviously with Covid things are on hold anyway so I have been thinking that a slower pace of weekly loss and the ability to eat a bit more might suit me better? It’s great when the weight just falls off but the Fast 800 is feeling like a punishment at the mo, unlike last year when it seemed easier…
    Any tips or advice pls ? I know they say the F800 should be a 8-12 week ideally, but until this blip I was planning on continuing it to my target weight.
    Can anyone give me some positive stories of weight loss on the 5:2, what their average daily carb intake was, and how much roughly they lost in a week ?

    I’d be very grateful for some motivation, tips and advice !

    Thank you 🙂

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi Plumpgoose,

    If you have increased carbs while you have been having your time off this way of eating then you will have increased the “bad” bacteria which digest carbs. in your gut. Those bacteria are able to signal to your brain that they want feeding.

    I would recommend a few days of fat fasting. One example of which is an egg fast, or eating keto. The idea being that you are not limiting what you eat but you are not feeding the carb eating bacteria, so they will quickly die down in numbers.

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