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  • posted by SamiB

    Hi, I’m on my second week of starting the BSD and from next week (now I’m into the swing of it) I’m planning to do two 800 cal weeks.
    I’m not a vegetarian but I don’t like poultry and I’m a bit iffy with meat so have been using paneer Indian cheese instead. I’ve looked at the calories etc and realised that I need an alternative! Plus it’s getting a bit boring having it almost every day.
    Any suggestions would be great! I want to go into next week organised and prepared for anything!

  • posted by WoodDuckie

    Hi Sami!!!! Welcome! Great enthusiasm in your writing so to quote “onwards and downwards” as is written here many times in a week! May I suggest some of my crazy concoctions I find both interesting, inviting and flavoursome. Right now Im having bacon. mushrooms, leeks, shallots, and a sprinkle of chilli flakes – stirfried in coconut oil . . . and the BOMB coffee is just about to be made! Totally indulgent! 2/3 1/3 water milk ratio . . . the finish masterpiece is rich and creamy . . . strength to need depending on my mood . . . with a couple of drops of pure vanilla . . . sprinkled with either cinnamon or nutmeg . . . AND a generous dollop of PURE CREAM this is my LUXURY!!!!! Later today Ill have a handful of baby spinach, a few cubes of feta and some of the herb oil it lives in drizzled over . . . all topped with diced cold cut roasted pork fillet . . . one baby beet diced, 1/3 an avocado diced . . . a couple of TINY tomatoes cut in half . . and a few randomly added nuts . . . maybe walnuts today! Oh and some chia seeds . . . Another option I have available is beechwood chips smoked and peppered salmon. In the portion I found in my supermarket . . . there will be two meals and when flaked and tossed though either the baby spinach or the kale slaw mix salad, with the other things mentioned above . . . Im quite looking forward to this new taste opportunity! If Im peckish and a meal isnt necessary, I have found two VERY LOW CARB handy dips in my supermarket which are in 200g tubs. 100 gms contains a few calories . . . so be watchful . . . but one has NO CARBS the other 0.9 per 100 gms. HALF A TUB!!!!!!!! I use the pork krackle chipbitty things to scoop a couple of mouthfuls . . . which is usually enough. So less than 1/4 a tub. Coconut and snowpeas prawn stirfry is another quick tasty option. I use the frozen king prawns – (not paying for heads and shells then throwing them out!!!) – onions, or leeks or shallots – (watch the carbs cos they are hidden well in this family of foods) – tossed in a pan with coconut oil, garlic, ginger, and even dried chilli flakes if you like it spicier . . . and shredded coconut. Add the snow peas and prawns – careful to cook them just right as if underdone could cause tummy upsets . . . if overdone tough rubbery chewy mouthfuls! But I assure you the flavour will counterbalance any of that!!! Scrambled eggs with cheese and chives . . .plus a dollop of cream for fluffier end resul, mini quiches with ground beef casings instead of pastry . . . Hope this helps. And dont forget the Pom Poms when you come to join Cheerleader Duckie as Ive been dubbed . . . for marching classes at noon!

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