A calming and inspiring Audiobook: The Art of Breathing by Dr Danny Penman

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  • posted by Jackie WilsonSaid

    It’s an entertaining, brief and practical guide to breathing meditation/mindfulness. I have read many books on the subject and listened to a bunch of recordings, lectures etc., but enjoyed this one so much that I felt compelled to put a review on Amazon.
    It is very complementary to changing lifestyles as in BSD and grounded in knowledge like Dr MM’s work.

    The Art of Breathing by Dr Danny Penman
    “I first got the AUDIOBOOK as a free Amazon trial from Audible, having seen Danny Penman talking on TV, and heard Oxford centre 8-week course recordings. I bought the book for my daughter for Christmas. I found the audiobook was excellent. It puts things in a nutshell; thoughts and practices that you might have pondered for years are explained simply and concisely. Particularly useful are the 10 minute meditations in later Chapters. I use the Breathing meditation often c/o iPad when I want to meditate but not for ages. It is something you can return to regularly since DP’s voice has a pleasant, positive and encouraging tone. At other times I like to meditate for longer in silence or to a bit of ambient Eno or with the sounds of the sea etc., but I like this guilt-free, practical approach to breathing meditation. It’s a reminder to just meditate in the time available as a part of everyday life, not to strive for self-improvement, just to be more mindful of the moment.”

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