8 weeks results

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  • posted by Calliope Swan

    Hi there,

    Just wanting to add our experience to the chorus of successes on this forum. I’ve been doing the Fast 800 with my partner; he stopped after 6 weeks and started maintenance and I’m still going. I’ve had limited success with many, many diets (3-4kg over 1-2 months, then gained back and more) over the last 10 years, hubby’s had better success but never this resounding. I’m 45, he’s 48. We’ve been in lockdown in Melbourne and started the Fast 800 when we went into Stage 3 lockdown for the second time on 13 July 2020.

    I lost 10.2kg in 8 weeks, he lost 13kg in 6 weeks. We both reduced our waist measurement by 15cm.

    Starting weight: Me: 86.2kg, 1.65m (BMI 31.9) Him: 102.7kg, 1.9m (BMI 28.5)
    Week 1: 3kg Him: 4.8kg
    Week 2: 1.3kg Him: 2.1kg
    Week 3: 0.8kg Him: 1kg
    Week 4: 0.9kg Him: 1.6kg
    Week 5: 1.1kg Him: 1.5kg
    Week 6: 1.6kg Him: 2kg
    Week 7: 0.9kg Him: plus 0.7kg
    Week 8: 0.6kg Him: 1.1kg
    TOTAL LOSS 10.2kg Him: 13.4kg (13kg in 6 weeks)
    8 week weight: 76kg (BMI 28.1) Him: 89.7kg (BMI 24.8)

    Never ever had this kind of success with a diet before. Definitely helps being at home in lockdown (temptation reduced, total flexibility with food prep and timing), but I think doing it together was the biggest thing. Basically cook 2 meals a night – one for kids, one for us (not sure how long I can keep that up once normal life resumes). Have tried to walk at least a couple of times a week, and have lifted weights twice, but haven’t managed to adopt a regular exercise program. We fast from 7pm to 10–11am. Eggs and veg at 11am, dinner at around 6pm (mostly recipes from his books).
    We are amazed and delighted with our results – looking forward to coming out of lockdown and seeing our friends and family for the first time in months. It will be a wonderful surprise to be so much lighter! My partner is now eating same meals as me and adding a mid-afternoon meal and more fruit snacks. I still have 14kg to lose, so I’ll be back in another 8 weeks for a progress report!

  • posted by Mariet

    What wonderful results! Congratulations and very best wishes on coping with your lock down.

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Calliope Swan
    Congratulations from me, also. What a great result for you and for Mr Calliope Swan, too. Brilliant results especially in lockdown. (During lockdown I managed to put on 10lbs!).
    As Mariet says good luck with everything, and it’ll be great to hear your updates further down the road.
    Jennie xx

  • posted by caronl

    Hi Calliope Swan, It is lovely to read your results and those of your partner. Many congratulations! And maybe we shall see you on a second round to cheer you on! If it’s not too much trouble, it would be great if you could copy and paste your post to the Success Stories thread. As you say, it is always so motivating for newcomers to read what a difference this way of eating makes. Congratulations again.

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